Makoto Furihata Hillside Residence Private House
Hillside Residence Private House is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Hillside Residence Private House

The client played twirling around this hill when he was a child. And he was brought up in this area where looking over one of Japanese famous mountains called Tanzawa-san. So the design about the housing plan is that he can feel nostalgic on the site. As a result, it was a bright residential house facing the south with an open garden and he can see the mountains from his room. The yard referred to the original landscape where he grew up. And using traditional construction finishing material it reminds him the old home.

Hillside Residence Private House
Makoto Furihata Hillside Residence
Makoto Furihata Private House
Makoto Furihata design
Makoto Furihata design
Makoto Furihata

In order to understand Japanese architecture, he often goes to see old wooden buildings in various areas of Japan such as Kyoto and Nara. He thinks that it is an important study to sense new things by returning to the origin of Japanese architecture, and wisdom and thought of the predecessors. Learning from classics is not limited to architecture. He believes that it is common to all fields. Based on that idea, he designs building.

Furihata Architectural Design Office

Founded in 1963, Furihata Architectural Design Office has been excelling in the architectural industry in Japan for over 50 years.We are renowned in the industry as a leader in “kominka” renovation and restoration. Japanese “kominka” are timber folk house, typically built in Japan’s pre-war period using traditional techniques and designs. We have been the recipient of more than 60 architectural prizes both within Japan and overseas.