Yazdan Pargoshaei Taq Kasra Pendant
Taq Kasra Pendant is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Taq Kasra Pendant

Taq Kasra, which means kasra arch, is the memento of The Sasani Kingdom that is now in Iraq. This pendant inspired by the geometry of Taq kasra and greatness of former sovereignties that was in their structure and subjectivism, has been used in this architectural method to make this ethos. The most important attribute is it’s modern design that has made it a piece with a distinct view so that form the side view it looks like a tunnel and brings subjectivism and form the frontal view it has made an arched space.

Taq Kasra Pendant
Yazdan Pargoshaei Taq Kasra
Yazdan Pargoshaei Pendant
Yazdan Pargoshaei design
Yazdan Pargoshaei design
Yazdan Pargoshaei

Design and art are and forever will be intertwined with each other.Joining all aspects of architecture, art , modern form, simplicity and sending a message to the audience which can modify social Behavior and culture of use, bring a good design.


Pargosha is a leading gold and jewelry manufacturer in Tehran, Iran since 1990, with a professional team, pargosha known as an old jewelry company in Iran.their opinion is making jewelry with iranian symbols and their primary focus is on daily products that people use.