Jennifer Vodrazka Cheerful Spirit Creations Bottle Centerpiece
Cheerful Spirit Creations Bottle Centerpiece is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Cheerful Spirit Creations Bottle Centerpiece

Do you know what a perfect centerpiece decoration should do? It should be a focal point, set a mood, and be timeless. A Cheerful Spirit is the perfect centerpiece for you this holiday season! First, LED string lights are used to decorate bottlebrush trees. These trees are set atop a patent pending battery base which replaces a hole under the bottle. The bottle is now wireless and convenient to move around. The captured tree brings out the magical feeling of Christmas and combines the beauty of Christmas decor, vases(bottle), and candles(light) all in one centerpiece.

Cheerful Spirit Creations Bottle Centerpiece
Jennifer Vodrazka Cheerful Spirit Creations
Jennifer Vodrazka Bottle Centerpiece
Jennifer Vodrazka design
Jennifer Vodrazka design
Jennifer Vodrazka

Jennifer is the creator of Cheerful Spirit Creations. A Cheerful Spirit Creation brings wonder and joy by capturing the spirit of the holidays, the Christmas tree, in a bottle. This decoration is truly the first of its kind. The lighted, bottled Christmas tree is wireless and is a beautiful decorative item. It can be displayed in various ways and brings a joyful ambience to any interior.

Cheerful Spirit Creations

Cheerful Spirit is a Westchester, New York based online holiday shop created in 2016 by shop owner, Jennifer Vodrazka. Cheerful Spirit's hand-crafted bottle light decorations are suitable for any interior. With a celebrated collection inspired by the Christmas tree, Cheerful Spirit Creations are ideal as design centerpieces, as well as providing a beautiful soft light using battery operated LED lights. Each bottle creation uses German crushed glass glitter, sisal trees, a patent pending string light base, and two AAA batteries. They are then corked and sealed for a lovely “captured” touch. These vintage-inspired, festive decorations also come with a sturdy gift box that can be used to store the wine bottle each season.