Kelly Lin Metauthor Experience Centre
Metauthor Experience Centre is Platinum Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Metauthor Experience Centre

All things are properly natural. A space containing energy is created where being is born out of non-being so that the traces of being can disappear in infinity. What the viewers need is to savor each moment of self-content and fulfillment in existence itself. This design demonstrates a radical transcendence in concept expression and the creation of field emotions, which the beauty of flexibility and liveliness radiates its charm.

Metauthor Experience Centre
Kelly Lin Metauthor
Kelly Lin Experience Centre
Kelly Lin design
Kelly Lin design
Shenzhen Bluemoon Interior Design

Shenzhen Bluemoon Interior Design Co. Ltd. (Bluemoon), as its name suggests, implies that it has a strong belief in beauty and can create something unique. Founded in 2002, Bluemoon has been specialized in the areas of interior and exterior space design as well as soft furnishing design. Its scope of services covers hotels, clubhouses, sales centers and show flats, etc.