Hardik Shah Skewed House Residence
Skewed House Residence is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Skewed House Residence

Simple aesthetics, a minimal material palette and connections to nature are the main drivers of the design of the Skewed House. The compound wall has an interesting elevation involving Valsadi teak battens, softened by cascades of creepers. The spatial programme of the villa and the zoning of the plot were dictated by the sudden floods that the city sometimes experiences. The façade projects and recedes strategically, with important areas being emphasized through cantilevering and material play. Concrete, the material of choice, is tempered with white plaster, stone and wood.

Skewed House Residence
Hardik Shah Skewed House
Hardik Shah Residence
Hardik Shah design
Hardik Shah design
Studio Lagom

Our practice exists to challenge the Indian architectural landscape that is still quite unorganized, where ‘layers of materials’ have ruled over ‘purity of materials’. We believe in architecture that gives importance to the beauty of each material, by creating the right balance between less and more. We believe in creating form that not only follows function, but creates spaces for lifestyles and cultures. At our studio, caring is the culture. We believe that each building demands care, because each building is unique by way of its users, setting, function, and more. Every process needs to be followed through rigorously, in order to create something that is in harmony with nature. We like to infuse natural elements into spaces. Our process is rooted in eye for detail. Detailing out each element of the plan first, we move to on-site execution. At times, as the site progresses, new perspectives may demand a further round of detailing, which would lead to new solutions. We believe that without this kind of time spent on detail, we cannot do proper justice to the project at hand. Our studio is an ever-evolving space. The seed that was sown in 2011 has now grown from a sapling to a tree. Years of dedicated work, and a nature to curate beautiful art has resulted in a space that is soothing and inspiring at the same time. Ideas can be conceived here easily because the space enables one to think—after all, that is the function. Today, our practice is involved in creating beautiful residences, compelling retail spaces, sustainable furniture, experiential restaurants, inspiring institutional spaces, and more. If you have a vision in mind, and would like to discuss about it, please get in touch . As we struggle through the unknown, we only see the beautiful future that is not less than nature itself, and not more