Feng-Yi Chien Fantasy Residential House
Fantasy Residential House is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Fantasy Residential House

'Fantasy', the interior design work for the residence, has the balcony where the family can enjoy the great view. For the house owner who loves reading and music and expects a house with unrestricted lifestyle, the designer, therefore, established the exclusive open style design that constructed the house full of childlike happiness and fantasy. The stylish black mirror is decorated at the entryway, where the small stone craving of a mermaid reveals the mood of childlike amusement.

Fantasy Residential House
Feng-Yi Chien Fantasy
Feng-Yi Chien Residential House
Feng-Yi Chien design
Feng-Yi Chien design
Feng-Yi Chien

The DOMUS ACADEMY training in Milan is a designer and an artist. He grew up in a family full of bones and jade ancient tea ceremony. He is convinced that one generation knows how to eat. The second generation understands life. The three generations understand life and think that design itself is a kind of life consciousness. Extend, enough internalization process to achieve perfect harmony between function and beauty.

Simplism Design Studio

SIMPLISM DESIGN STUDIO. is a design company with a registered case and double license. The designer has experienced countless case design and actual site experience all the way. The mastery of the situation and the tacit understanding of the work class are different.