Chao Yen Chen Classy Luxury Residential House
Classy Luxury Residential House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Classy Luxury Residential House

The beauty of art comes to space and life, family and friend, and aesthetics and house. The exquisite elegant house decoration comes from not only the delicate design skills, also the layout magnitude. The indoor traffic flow manifesting the artistic vision brings out the spirits of space that spawns the charms of artworks meandering amiably in the house. The major visual perception of space charms originates from the main wall in the public area, where the polished-finish marble walls adorned with golden lines cultivate the classy extravagance.

Classy Luxury Residential House
Chao Yen Chen Classy Luxury
Chao Yen Chen Residential House
Chao Yen Chen design
Chao Yen Chen design
Chao Yen Chen

The design director who has high demand to the quality of construction believes that interior design is not only embodiment of space, but also a presentation of Laozi's and Zhuangzi's philosophy, "combined with nature" and "consistent with nature." Leaving the space not completely saturated; keeping the moderate tension. The design team emphasize on the coordination with clients, creating a work that deeply relates to them.


Director Chen believes that interior design is not only a space decoration, but also a real thing. The embodiment of Laozi and Zhuangzi, "combined with nature" and "consistent with nature"; does not completely saturate the design of the space, only retains moderate tension, not only does not over-proclaim the designer's personal taste.