teawith kettle Teawith Kettle
Teawith Kettle is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
Teawith Kettle

Teawith Kettle is born to be with tea. Rather than a traditional kitchen appliance, it provides consumers an elegant tea experience by being designed to sit naturally on the tea table, as part of modern way of living, in which tea plays a natural part on daily basis. It’s simple but modern. The Oriental arched handle offers not only an graceful silhouette, but also an unique interaction - press on the handle and the operation is on - one step in a fluid unconscious action. The spout offers excellent control of water, and ensures a clean, accurate and pleasant tea experience.

Teawith Kettle
teawith kettle Teawith
teawith kettle Kettle
teawith kettle design
teawith kettle design

Founded in 2014, Teawith is a cross-boundary team of designers, engineers and tea lovers. The team share a the same aesthetic aims, and focus on the exploration of our daily lifestyle in the modern time relevant to tea drinking.