Gabor Balint Atmo Interactive Boardgame Console
Atmo Interactive Boardgame Console is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Atmo Interactive Boardgame Console

Atmo is a tabletop game console that blends physical and digital worlds. Our goal is to introduce tabletop games in a new, immersive form in arcades, entertainment parks and bars. Players can interact with the games using physical dice, tokens figures, cards, etc. The machine recognises what is happening on the table, and reacts to it with animations, light and sound effects - thereby making the play even more immersive. This solution mixes the quick and intense feedback of videogames with the social and tangible aspects of face-to-face boardgames. The result is a fun experience for all ages.

Atmo Interactive Boardgame Console
Gabor Balint Atmo
Gabor Balint Interactive Boardgame Console
Gabor Balint design
Gabor Balint design
Gabor Balint

I'm an award winning young professional from Hungary. I have worked as an in house designer at the R&D centre of ARM in Cambridge, UK. After completing my studies in Budapest (Moholy-Nagy University of Arts And Design), I worked at a studio in Budapest called Maform Studio. Currently I'm working in the UK in DesignWorks Studio. My work revolves around the merging of tradition and technology. I find the combination of digital and physical experiences very exciting, and I believe the future is going to be filled with these kind of experiences.


ATMO is a Budapest based startup focusing on social interactive gaming solutions. They created a boardgame console, that uses interactive, projected game boards to create an immersive gaming experience. The company was founded by Gabor Balint designer and Balint Zsiga HMI researcher.