Chia-I Tsai Tone.M. Residential House
Tone.M. Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Tone.M. Residential House

Manifesting the poised and elegant impression, the delicate textures of gray and concrete demonstrate the one-of-a-kind and artistic qualities genuine in the exquisite residence. At the first sight when coming in the house, people feel the divergent space features consisting of the gray matte floors and black geometric adornments that display the composed attractions consistent to the pure textures of concrete surfaces comprehensively decorated in the house.

Tone.M. Residential House
Chia-I Tsai Tone.M.
Chia-I Tsai Residential House
Chia-I Tsai design
Chia-I Tsai design
Chia-I Tsai

Uzdesign's philosophy of interior design: Home is not a cold building. Instead, Light, color and space, endow it with the power of life. With the concepts of nature, gentleness and warmth, We plan a customized and personal living space with 6+3 aesthetics disciplines. 6 for decoration, 2 for furnishing, and 1 for the occupant. Uzdesign blends wonderful stories into every project in spatial design.


Home is not a cold building The mix of color and light, the color and space give the power of life. In the direction of natural warmth and temperature. Exclusive personal home space through 6+3 aesthetics 6 points decoration. 2 points furniture layout. 1 minute left to people living in the house The design of the house is in the creation of space. Injecting each piece into a rich and brilliant story.