Kei Tachibana Mogcook Baby Food Delivery Service
Mogcook Baby Food Delivery Service is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Meta, Strategic and Service Design Award Category.
Mogcook Baby Food Delivery Service

Mogcook is a cut-and-deboned fish delivery service for parents rearing baby in weaning period. Mogcook service is defined by following characteristics: 1) Fish is all deboned, 2) each potion is about 10g, which is said to be a suitable amount for baby, 3) fish is caught in its season, 4) fish is caught in the sea by Mie Prefecture, 5) fish is delivered frozen after steamed so that users can heat and cook easily. Mogcook delivers baby food recipe cards supervised by a registered dietitian and fish information cards as well as fish.

Mogcook Baby Food Delivery Service
Kei Tachibana Mogcook
Kei Tachibana Baby Food Delivery Service
Kei Tachibana design
Kei Tachibana design
Kei Tachibana

Director of dgreen Co., Ltd. He moved to Kihoku, Mie, in 2009, after studying travel and tourism in Nebraska, U.S., as he wanted to experience the life of small local town in Japan and see what Japanese is. dgreen is a design firm that is based in small port town of Kihoku, Mie. The firm was founded in 2007 and has offered DTP designs and websites for local business. Tachibana joined dgreen as he thought design is a key factor to regain the local business.


dgreen Co.,Ltd. is a design office based in Kihoku, south part of Mie Prefecture and creates website, flyer, package mainly for local customers. The fishing industry was once flourishing in the town, but it is declining because of decreasing needs of existing fish product such as Himono (dried fish) as the increasing number of people eat fish out rather than cook at home. As dgreen saw a number of its customer being troubled with the drop of sales, it started to think it needed to come up with the idea that “updates” relationship between consumers and fish in order to revitalize local fish industry. After a year of marketing research, dgreen reached to the conclusion that it needed to concentrate on specific market, considering the business volume and facilities local fish businesses had and decided to focus on baby food. Thus the brand “mogcook” was born to deliver fresh fish to urban consumers who were raising babies. In order to make consumers familier to cooking fish, dgreen had a number of discussions with its potential customers and determined service package; containing recipes and fish information card as well as fish. Cooperating with local fish stores, national registered dietitian, and food coordinator, the brand has developed to deliver more than 5000 families all over Japan. mogcook received Good Design Award 2017 for its unique scheme and service design.