gad Interactive Courtyard Housing Residential Buildings
Interactive Courtyard Housing Residential Buildings is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Construction and Real Estate Projects Design Award Category.
Interactive Courtyard Housing Residential Buildings

Project aims to create effective shared space for residents here. Piled with standard modular box, the housing can be seen as a conceptual symbol of the Great Wall surrounding site, providing a sense of locality. Residents enter home via private courtyard: the exclusive outdoor space. Meanwhile, public yards in community stimulate people stepping outside, encouraging communication. The project provides affordable holiday space: 60 sq.m or 80 sq.m apartments for people in the city to relax.

Interactive Courtyard Housing Residential Buildings
gad Interactive Courtyard Housing
gad Residential Buildings
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gad design

As an atypical design studio born in the transformation of rapid development of Chinese architecture design revolution, gad now is one of the most influential design company countrywide. Instead of mass production, gad would rather choose to slow down and search for the existing significance of every space. A group of energetic and thoughtful young people gather together here to give rise to tons of interesting and fresh ideas. Now gad cooperates with insightful proprietors from diverse fields like hotel design, housing design, theater design and so on to boost new ideas for architecture, which at the same time, encourages itself to step into better design world.

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The Earth Real Estate focuses on estate development. Meanwhile, it also sets foot in tourism, old-age care and luxury hotels. The management idea of Earth Real Estate is to "return happiness to the earth". What it emphasizes is the protection of the original environment and the use of raw material, which finally finds the balance between people and the nature.