Hiroki Suzuki Cross 2way Buckle
Cross 2way Buckle is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Cross 2way Buckle

This simple metal buckle is a basic design that traces the ability of the buckle to secure the belt. It is characterized by passing a band of two width in the long side and the short side. They suggest more efficient manufacturing methods. For example, with a buckle and cut leather, you can make products without using a machine. Bands and buckles make for a minimum waist belt configuration. In addition, it can be expanded to products such as bags. They are small and simple parts, but discipline the manufacturing method and design.

Cross 2way Buckle
Hiroki Suzuki Cross
Hiroki Suzuki 2way Buckle
Hiroki Suzuki design
Hiroki Suzuki design
Hiroki Suzuki

Hiroki Suzuki graduated from the Product Design Class at the Kuwasawa Design School. After working for PLANE Industrial Design Office , he joined FABRIK CO.,LTD. in 2012. Engaged in the design of home appliance manufacturers and miscellaneous goods. Craft and industrial design are the main areas of work. Engaged in art direction and product management at FABRIK. AWARD iF Design Award (2010) Winner, Ltd

FABRIK is a design studio in Tokyo that started in 2012. Their main work is product design, graphic design and design consulting. They are working with different customers. They develop and sell original products in parallel with their customers' jobs.