Penny Chan Amoy Plaza UA Cinema Cinema
Amoy Plaza UA Cinema Cinema is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Amoy Plaza UA Cinema Cinema

The design of the environment in the form of black as the keynote, with white marble wall. A multi-purpose function room, equipped with projectors, stereos, games consoles and table games, can be used for a party or party. The theatre features 3 cinemas with a total of more than 600 seats, all seats with Ferco leather seats, and all upgraded with Barco 4K laser projection system.

Amoy Plaza UA Cinema Cinema
Penny Chan Amoy Plaza UA Cinema
Penny Chan Cinema
Penny Chan design
Penny Chan design
Penny Chan

Being a veteran in interior design and management for over 10 years, Penny Chan founded his own interior design company Rainy Sky in 2011. His motto is to maximize customer values and build up long-term relationships with clients, especially through holistic solutions from interior design and fitting-out to construction management and bespoke projects. As a designer, he firmly believes in the core value of creative vision, and one should not sacrifice quality for quantity. This also sees his perseverance in constantly researching on latest international design trends and project management strategies to raise the bar for his own design practice.