Irene Goldberg Chrysalis Outdoor Kitchen
Chrysalis Outdoor Kitchen is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Chrysalis Outdoor Kitchen

Under the vast green carpets of meadows and forests lies a resource waiting to be transformed. Layers of crystallized time awaiting excavation and transformation. There are those who recognize its beauty even when the stone is still in the form of quarried blocks, and can foresee its beautiful finished future. This powerful scene of orderly set of raw stone blocks standing in the field, each one different from the next, and the captivating idea that the rawness of them all will soon be tamed to become a uniquely designed product are the inspiration for this outdoor kitchen. Like the splitting

Chrysalis Outdoor Kitchen
Irene Goldberg Chrysalis
Irene Goldberg Outdoor Kitchen
Irene Goldberg design
Irene Goldberg design
Vaselli marmi

Manufacturers from Loc. Sentino , Rapolano Terme, Italy An origin of stone. Vaselli began working with Rapolano stone over a hundred years ago. We have continued an ancient tradition dating back to the Etruscans which, over the centuries, has endowed the architecture of Tuscany and the world over with its splendid tones. We have developed and modernized our techniques, but our passion remains the same as that of the Stone Age, embedded in our family history. We are part of the material, we don’t just end there. For others stone is a result, for us it’s the reason why. This is the philosophy behind all Vaselli furnishings, conceived as tailored clothing, to dress the customer’s desires perfectly. Our sole, unconditioned standard is the absolutely exclusive result. No more “product lines”. Instead we have “philosophies of style”, capable of offering our customers’ inspiration archetypes, which allow unrestrained creativity in their choice of modules and measurements. Each day, the craft experts and designers in our company studio work together to find the best solutions to satisfy customer needs and blend design and functions to create unique pieces. For over a century, Vaselli has carried on the tradition and respect for stone in Rapolano Terme between Siena, Florence and Perugia in the heart of Tuscany. The third generation of our family has succeeded in expanding the attention paid to the queen of all stone in this area, the Travertine from Rapolano, to other materials. The expert craftsmen working for our brand not only use marble from all over Italy and from the rest of the world, but also wood and metal. Our workers provide contemporary interior design, with an artisan, tailor-made approach, requiring innovation and not just technology.