Gor Shahbazyan Cribby Multifunctional Smart Crib
Cribby Multifunctional Smart Crib is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Category.
Cribby Multifunctional Smart Crib

Cribby is an all-in-one intelligent baby crib integrated with electronic hardware and managed via a mobile application. It is equipped with a video cam and speakers for real-time child-parent connection and playing lullabies. Cribby helps parents to monitor their babies and the environment with the help of multiple sensors such as noise, motion detection, light, humidity, temperature, etc. If the child needs help the crib notifies parents through the mobile app. It also has a digital scale and dimmable LED lights which automatically turn on when the child wakes up in a dark room.

Cribby  Multifunctional Smart Crib
Gor Shahbazyan Cribby
Gor Shahbazyan Multifunctional Smart Crib
Gor Shahbazyan design
Gor Shahbazyan design
Gor Shahbazyan

Before starting Cribby in 2017 Gor Shahbazyan founded in 2014 and led since then "Woolic Cribs" - a baby furniture production based in Yerevan. Besides industrial design, Gor also has a passion for interior design and worked as a freelance interior designer for 8 years. During these years he completed over 46 turnkey projects including a collaboration with Marriott design department on the Tsaghkadzor Marriott hotel interior design project. Being an experienced designer with practical knowledge Gor with his partner architect eventually founded a successful design agency called The Lab Evn after the city they live in.


Cribby is a startup based in Yerevan. Before founding it the CEO and product design lead Gor Shahbazyan led a crib production company "Woolic cribs" for 5 years. The knowledge and expertise gathered during these years as well as the understanding of the crib and baby monitor market led to the foundation of Cribby. Gor Shahbazyan is an industrial designer and entrepreneur from Yerevan, Armenia.