giovanni barbieri Squar Dimensional Tiles
Squar Dimensional Tiles is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Squar Dimensional Tiles

Square Collection is to give designers a budget-friendly way to create artistic installations, which progress from flat and square to irregular relief using a single product. In fact, for the first time, a tile collection making it possible to seamlessly go from a flat to a fully three-dimensional texture and from squared, regular shapes to a random pattern of shapes. All the transitions can be customized to your unique taste and budget.

Squar  Dimensional Tiles
giovanni barbieri Squar
giovanni barbieri Dimensional Tiles
giovanni barbieri design
giovanni barbieri design
giovanni barbieri

Giovanni Barbieri is a highly awarded artisan designer in the floor and wall products sector. He comes from a Venetian artisan family, and has been creating his designs since 1979. His company has been a pioneer in technology and design research and development since 1989. Barbieri started his carrier at age 14 in the marble sector as a helper. By age 16, he had become capable of independently completing flooring in his older brother’s business. In 1984, at age 18, Barbieri entered into business partnership with his brother estabilishing F.LLi Barbieri. In those days, the company already had begun to produce tumbled marble for its own creations. At age 22, barbieri started to take classes for interior design, which spanned some eight years. His work initially focused on the local market in Italy, but later expanded to the United States. Having received an array of awards, Giovanni Barbieri is one of the world’s most honored designers in the tile and stone sector Gardena, Los Angeles, California./ New Ravenna Mosaic VA USA, Artistic Tile USA

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