Uno Chan Wolf Z Electronic Sports Club
Wolf Z Electronic Sports Club is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Wolf Z Electronic Sports Club

Wolf.Z is a minimalist e-sports club that conveys a clean, cool, and powerful attitude. By using a large area of stainless steel, the space is wrapped in linear blocks of pulling and pushing, so that the huge tilt surface forms a new tension and landscape without interfering with the function. The simple light creates a clear space that is easy to recognize, allowing people to walk in reality and illusion, and can experience the charm of virtual games.

Wolf Z Electronic Sports Club
Uno Chan Wolf Z
Uno Chan Electronic Sports Club
Uno Chan design
Uno Chan design
Uno Chan

Uno Chan, well-known interior designer, founder of TOMO Interior Design Firm. In recent years, he has won many awards for interior design at home and abroad. He is good at using modern concise aesthetic spirit to develop multi-dimensional description of space, and expresses rich and pure design essence by means of restraint and balance, representation and internal contradiction and unity. He likes to use design vocabulary to deconstruct the spatial connotation, and persists in deducing the design to the extreme, creating wonderful design works repeatedly.

TOMO Interior Design Firm

TOMO Interior Design Firm was founded in Shenzhen, design capital of China, which is a collection of interior design, environmental design, soft design as one of the professional design company. The company provides commercial space, sales offices, clubs, villas and model housing design services. In addition to leading international designers in the art and design field, the firm also includes team members from top domestic art and design schools with rich experience in actual combat.