Odair José Ferro Premier Plus Safety Basic Footwear
Premier Plus Safety Basic Footwear is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award Category.
Premier Plus Safety Basic Footwear

The Premier Plus range of products was created to increase the portfolio of Marluvas Professional Footwear. This product has as its main characterisitic to offer basic protection to the feet with advanced techonolgy lining materials that control the internal temperature of the boot, the same techology can be found on the astronauts' clothes. The concept of this product is to be used to work or at hiking at the weekends, or simply to be day by day with great performance and comfort.

Premier Plus Safety Basic Footwear
Odair José Ferro Premier Plus
Odair José Ferro Safety Basic Footwear
Odair José Ferro design
Odair José Ferro design
Odair José Ferro

Mr. Odair Ferro have been in Safety Footwear Industry Thirty one years, he started when was fourteen years old making box for shoes, during this time he learn all process to construction in footwear industry and gained so many experience working in whole production setting, eighteen years in product development and eleven years as Pattern Engineer of the major factory of safety footwear in latina américa where he got developed all Marluvas portfolio that grow up the brand to become number one in the nacional market. with the premier range developed by him, and got Marluvas to increase their market. He have a great experience in footwear design and engineer for whole types construction and International experience developing Product for Military Boot for UK , US and royal mail shoe for UK, and development in China and Fair in A+A 2017 in Germany. Mr. Odair Ferro got many experience for long this thirty years and always looking be better in his challenge.


Marluvas is the biggest safety shoes factory in Latin America. Nowadays it produces thirty thousand pairs of shoes a day. Odair Ferro has been a Marluvas employee since August 2008. Marluvas won the TOP of Mind awards at the most reminded brand for safety footwear in 2018. After that Marluvas started to produce the Premier Plus product range which has been offering many opportunities in the market.