Junfeng Li The Canopy Citizen Square
The Canopy Citizen Square is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Category.
The Canopy Citizen Square

The civic nature of the project is the starting point for design creativity, moving from management to service, and the role of buildings and squares in the Administrative Service center is changing subtly. The Square maintains the order and image of the administrative space to meet the public's understanding of administrative public management. Through the grid of the tree array to define the overall sense of order in space. The staggered boundary and scale refinement area of the grid becomes the main place of stay and activity, forming a "living room" in the life of the citizen.

The Canopy Citizen Square
Junfeng Li The Canopy
Junfeng Li Citizen Square
Junfeng Li design
Junfeng Li design
Junfeng Li

Elescape Studio is founded in 2005, the perspective of integrated development and landscape architecture has been the basis of the studio’s design concept, using it to deal with the landscape architecture, space, site, resources, organization and other planning and design issues, and strive to provide the most professional solutions.

HFUT & Elescape Studio

Elescape studio founded in 2005, since the establishment of studio, which insist on the design theory that "based on whole landscape, analyze and manage the relevant building, space, site, resource, organization, etc. about planning and designing issues, which from perspective of comprehensive development and landscape formation, and strive to provide the most professional solution".