James Liu Future City Sales Center
Future City Sales Center is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Future City Sales Center

With lots of European and American projects, HENGMAO GROUP wants to build a modern, ecological, technological and distinctive sales center, which corresponds to the original design concept of AOD. AOD makes the concept of building and indoor integration design throughout this project and set the overall design style.

Future City Sales Center
James Liu Future City
James Liu Sales Center
James Liu design
James Liu design
James Liu

James Liu AOD Design Founder, Design Director Asia Pacific Association of Architects and Interior Designers 2015 China's top ten most influential designers 2016 China Design Young Leader of the Year The famous Chinese interior designer .Design works has won international and Asia Pacific design awards such as London SBID International Design Award, American IDA International Design Award, French Double-faced God, IAI Global Design Award. In 2008, AOD Design Company was founded.

AOD Design

AOD Design Was Established In 2006 And Has An International Design Team Composed Of Nearly 100 Staff. AOD Design Is A Famous Design Institution Providing Professional Service To Real Estate Enterprises. Aod’s Design Team Has Diversified International Background, Advanced Design Concept, Abundant Creative Passion And Outstanding Design Skills.