Alexander Zhukovsky Lines Shelving System
Lines Shelving System is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Lines Shelving System

The Lines shelving system is made of CNC milled plywood with a walnut veneer finish. It is easily assembled and disassembled. Every flat element has several notches which are used as joints for assembly, so no fasteners are needed to fix the parts. Some of the elements fasten the whole construction. The rigidity, durability, and stability of this shelving are provided solely by its architecture, which is based on the intersection of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, as well as the physical properties of the material which it is made from. The Lines unit can be used as a room divider.

Lines Shelving System
Alexander Zhukovsky Lines
Alexander Zhukovsky Shelving System
Alexander Zhukovsky design
Alexander Zhukovsky design
Alexander Zhukovsky

Alexander Zhukovsky was born in a small Ukrainian town, Polonne, to a Polish-Ukrainian family. He received his art and design education in Russia. After receiving an MA in industrial design from USAAA (Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts, Yekaterinburg) in 2008, he founded his own design studio which specializes in a wide range of fields: from lighting, furniture and sanitary ware to medical equipment and vehicles. Participation in ethnographic expeditions to the Extreme North, the study of culture and way of life of the indigenous peoples of the Russian North, the study of applied arts on par with modern design, interest in both traditional cultural values, contemporary technology and the future – all of these experiences have influenced his individual design concept and his own vision of what is considered “good design”. Today, Alexander Zhukovsky is based in three cities – Warsaw (Poland), San Diego (USA) and St. Petersburg (Russia). Among the studio’s clients are both small innovative companies and large manufacturers from Russia, the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Figuron Furniture

FIGURON is an art and furniture studio established by designer Alexander Zhukovsky and based in San Diego, CA, USA. The main value of the FIGURON is a 'compromise' between craftsmanship and serial manufacturing. The studio creates original serial manufactured furniture on par with exclusive limited collections and art objects. Some Figuron items are designed as a basic system and can be upgraded or customized during use. This approach allows customers to participate in the design process and to change the final design and proportions of the products within the boundaries of modular design structure. FIGURON create both home furnishing items and furniture for hotel interiors, restaurants, bars, and cafes.