Snorre Stinessen Manshausen2 Resort
Manshausen2 Resort is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Manshausen2 Resort

Manshausen 2 was completed May 2018 and part of Manshausen Island Resort. 3 new cabins were built at the north end of the island. A central pond of seawater has been established as a private lake for a new sauna built with left over material on the Island. The cabins are positioned out above the sea and enjoy a dramatic connection to landscape and panoramic views across the ocean. The sauna is somewhat more protected centrally on the Island, but is also surrounded by the same majestic landscape.

Manshausen2 Resort
Snorre Stinessen Manshausen2
Snorre Stinessen Resort
Snorre Stinessen design
Snorre Stinessen design
Snorre Stinessen

Stinessen Arkitektur is a small practice located in Tromsø, Northern Norway that have distinguished themselves with award winning projects that are focused on unique designs to meet the requirements of the Client as well as answering to the surrounding landscape/cityscape and it´s inherent challenges and qualities. The studio works on all aspects of the design from the building itself to landscaping, interior design and furniture design - with a holistic approach to all projects. Current projects range from apartment buildings to hotels and resorts, villas, cabins, product design, office and alpine skiing resort.

Børge Ousland AS

Børge Ousland established and owns Manshausen Island Resort and also organise and guide expeditions to the North Pole, South Pole, Svalbard and Patagonia. Mr. Ousland is a polar explorer, first to cross the north pole solo, first to cross Antartica solo, etc.