ATG/Asiantime International Construction Atlantis Sanya Resort
Atlantis Sanya Resort is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Design Award Category.
Atlantis Sanya Resort

Atlantis Sanya is an ocean-themed resort. Designers met the following major difficulties for the construction: 1.High and strict requirements for product positioning, construction quality& safety and fire management; 2.Large scale of the project, which boasts a total construction area of 500, 000 sqm(the hotel of 250, 000 sqm and water park of 90, 000 sqm were constructed simultaneously). 3.Challenges for constructing the irregular-shaped building facade, the aquarium and delivering of water, etc.

Atlantis Sanya Resort
ATG/Asiantime International Construction Atlantis Sanya
ATG/Asiantime International Construction Resort
ATG/Asiantime International Construction design
ATG/Asiantime International Construction design
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