Mihael Varbanov Sense Hanger
Sense Hanger is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Sense Hanger

The design of the hanger "Sense" is inspired by nature and aesthetic forms. Visually it is a tree in a modern conception. The balance between wood and metal is achieved through good proportions of a drop of water holes and the plexiglass in the middle creates a sense of an air effect. With an unpretentious design, it is suitable for any interior, and can be an accent or be in sync with the other furniture. The hanger contains many positive qualities in itself such as functionality, ergonomics, practicality and aesthetics.

Sense Hanger
Mihael Varbanov Sense
Mihael Varbanov Hanger
Mihael Varbanov design
Mihael Varbanov design
Mihael Varbanov

Mihael Varbanov is a young engineer-designer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Design Studio Love 2 Design, where he and his team visualize and realize the dream interiors of people. With his open minded thinking, he have no barriers and boundaries in the furniture industry. As true visionaries, he achieve his goals through hard work, and his motto is: "There are no impossible things!" Quality is a factor he is betting on in every project.

Love 2 Design

Love 2 Design is a studio supplying a complete package for the full interior design of homes, offices and hotels. From project perception to the smallest realised detail, the team of young and accomplished professionals will turn the process into a pleasant experience for anyone putting their trust in them. The mix of a personal approach, the newest visualisation technologies and the use of high-quality materials is ideal for turning your dream interior into reality. Combining functionality, aesthetic forms, elegance, style and comfort makes their furniture highly desirable. The innovative design methods provided by these creative and ambitious experts in furniture can take you to another world. The fine balance between price and high-quality provided by Love 2 Design is not an illusion, it is achieved through thorough planning, competence and devotion. To them it is not just work, but a passion towards design and the creative process.