Yubiao Xu Tencent Incubator Office
Tencent Incubator Office is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Tencent Incubator Office

Tencent's forward-looking operational philosophy determines its unique functional configuration. Versatile open space configuration for large conferences, product launches, coffee breaks and co-working. Irregularly shaped areas are interconnected to create an interesting indoor office space. Every day, new experiments, new ideas and new inventions happen here... Design is not a skill, but a sensory ability and insight that captures the essence of things. When the DSCC received the project, how to make people more energetic and enjoy work more is the biggest demand consideration.

Tencent Incubator Office
Yubiao Xu Tencent Incubator
Yubiao Xu Office
Yubiao Xu design
Yubiao Xu design
Yubiao Xu

Yubiao Xu Graduated from Guangdong Institute of Technology in 2003 ,Independently designed sculpture is permanently collected by THE MUSEUM OF THE NANYUE KING MAUSOLEUM. Guangzhou DSCC interior design co., ltd Design Director and Founder. Chinese senior interior designer 、China Architecture Indoor Club Members APDF Designer Alliance Member;Mainly engaged in large public buildings indoor space . The work has won the recognition of several domestic and international awards . Yubiao Hus believe Every item is like a question when handed to the designer,It is a blank in itself, First , the designer’s inspiration idea is very important , Whether it's movies 、music 、art, Even the details of life that do not directly relate to the design , Can be accumulated as a new idea for design . Understand different groups of users, open up their own thinking innovations, learn the world from different levels, and experience the world.More exercises to prove new ideas and right and wrong, and finally reinterpreted in design language .The project ultimately needs to be implemented into the user experience ,Under this thinking can make the most suitable and most reasonable works , Enhance user focus , Not only contributes to the rationality of the work , More conducive to project success , Thereby reducing various cost wastage .

Dscc Design

DSCC has been adhering to the professional and innovative design spirit to provide customers with high quality design products and provide customers with a full range of design services. Business covers the buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, villas and other space. The design works won several top design events at home and abroad. In the design, we can find different beauty and possibility, combined with customer demand, with insights, gives each space distinct personality and vitality.