Liang Xu Black House Residence
Black House Residence is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Black House Residence

Black color, provocative of the current fashion and future. The architect believes that the lifestyle and home space of young people are slowly separating from traditional and historical standards, since people's aesthetics and spiritual concepts are improving and their lifestyles are changing. He hopes to express and interpret them through simple methods and language, providing different physical and spiritual feelings about space.

Black House Residence
Liang Xu Black House
Liang Xu Residence
Liang Xu design
Liang Xu design
Liang Xu

Liang Xu, Interior architect and founder of Liang Interior Architecture Studio, 2016 Taiwan TID-Award Gold Award, Annual Rising Star Award, 2013 JINTANG PRIZE Golden Hall Award. Good at utilizing the simplicity of architecture, the clarity of construction and the purity of materials to become the new aesthetic carrier, the overlap of rationality and sensibility; the design of private residence and creative commercial space reflects my deep understanding of the space and life value.