President Zbynek Suba Snowfeet Miniski Skates
Snowfeet Miniski Skates is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Sporting Goods, Fitness and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Snowfeet Miniski Skates

The overall design of the ski was based on a study of the natural position of the human foot in motion. The front radius is inspired by classic winter ski so it cannot be buried in snow. The side appearance and shape of Snowfeet is inspired and designed by classic racing cars such as Mustang. Internal non-slip surface is decorated with a deer image logo which was imprinted on the inner wall. It adds grandeur to the whole ski and also the authenticity of the overall product appearance.

Snowfeet Miniski Skates
President Zbynek Suba Snowfeet
President Zbynek Suba Miniski Skates
President Zbynek Suba design
President Zbynek Suba design
President Zbynek Suba

I am a passionate young entrepreneur who decided to end my Architect career. For many years I´ve studied Architecture. In my free time, I do sports, read books a lot, I would like to marry and have a big family. I´ve traveled the USA and Europe. Now I have decided to start a business career to be beneficial to the whole of society. I perceive myself as a stoic.


Snowfeet company founded in 2018 by two enthusiastic athletes are thrilled with the idea of short skis and they decided to create a new booming worldwide winter sport - Snowfeet, the shortest ski ever. Thanks to the promising beginning this project will be the starting point to the business world and will help make our dream- to us to set up a huge company with a creative family atmosphere come true. Now our team is made up of seven people and everyone is working to make Snowfeet as successful as Snowboard a few years ago. RULES 1) A customer is number one, a co-worker with the number 2, the business owner is the third number 2) There are no Employees, only the co-workers. And every co-worker is an entrepreneur. 3) never stop innovating and improving. 4) Work smart and hard. 5) Think Big and long-term. 6) Hire the best people. 7) Never give up. 8) Be good. 9) Always reinvest at Least 90% of our profits into the company. 10) Enjoy it. MISSION Create a new winter sport, spread it all over the world and one day become an Olympic sport.