Agne Balke Herringbone Writing Desk
Herringbone Writing Desk is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Herringbone Writing Desk

The design of the writing desk was inspired by Baltic folk motifs. The idea is that a traditional pattern can be reborn into a modern design. The front of desk has a hidden drawer. The top of table is equipped with additional space for goods placement. While it is open it can be used as support for books. Additional wooden boxes are made to keep all small writing necessities in one place. The handles-openings are serving as cable channels if user prefers to keep top closed and neat. Writing desk created for people wanting to harmonize their creative clutter and make it cozy yet organized.

Herringbone Writing Desk
Agne Balke Herringbone
Agne Balke Writing Desk
Agne Balke design
Agne Balke design
Agne Balke

Agnė Balkė is a furniture designer passionate about her work. In her everyday life she is interested in design, music, arts, personal development and other kinds of creativity. She believes that all parts of her life gives an inspiration to each other. Design for her takes a big part of her life. She also gets inspiration from nature, ornaments, folk motifs, different cultures. In her works Agnė likes to combine minimalism with details as an accent and especially pays attention to product quality, materials, function and aesthetics.


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