Estudio Maba Adaras Organic Wine Family
Adaras Organic Wine Family is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Adaras Organic Wine Family

A resounding design for an organic wine family Adaras. There are many ways to convey simplicity and in this design proposal, the emphasis is minimalism. The graphic symbols represent an exercise of synthesis on the natural elements of the earth on which the fruit grows and the hands of the men on them to became the liquid inside the bottle. The overall effect is a powerful, mysterious and visual that invites you to know more about the content inside.

Adaras Organic  Wine Family
Estudio Maba Adaras Organic
Estudio Maba Wine Family
Estudio Maba design
Estudio Maba design

The MGWines Group is a story of union. A union of several wineries whose shared philosophy lies in their devotion for all the surrounds the world of wines. Their dedication to bringing out the essence of the grape is why the MGWines Group brings together wineries and vineyards full of uniqueness and emotions.