John G Williams Beke Kitchen Bar chair
Beke Kitchen Bar chair is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Beke Kitchen Bar chair

'Beke' means 'peace' and 'to be connected to'. The Beke kitchen bar chair supports an ergonomic and aesthetic sense of peace, and helps the user to feel connected with the space at the kitchen bar. The chair is designed to be comfortable for extended periods of use, and the geometry of seat, backrest, and footrest are tailored with this in mind. The seat uses a number of interesting construction techniques, including steam bending of the back legs; custom forming of the unique ply seat; and special lamination and shaping of the backrest

Beke Kitchen Bar chair
John G Williams Beke
John G Williams Kitchen Bar chair
John G Williams design
John G Williams design
John G Williams

John G Williams Fine Furniture attempts to take bespoke timber design and craftsmanship to a new level. Traditional techniques are taken from their original context and applied in daring new ways to generate designs that are distinctive and fresh. The designs are luxurious without being fussy – they pair beautiful hardwood timbers with elegantly sweeping ash frames to deliver high impact furniture. The work captures the overall lightness of the Scandinavian style, while celebrating the rich colour and intensity of American and African hardwoods.

John G Williams Fine Furniture

John G Williams Fine Furniture is a Johannesburg based designer and manufacturer of fine furniture. The brand focuses on very high-end timber furniture products, which potentially find application in boutique hotels and lodges, commercial spaces, and exclusive residential settings. The product range includes a number of dining chair designs, a dining table, a kitchen bar chair, and most recently a lounge chair. The brand stands for the highest level of craftsmanship, and an aesthetic sense of freshness and simplicity, whilst aiming for the maximum possible ergonomic comfort. John G Williams Fine Furniture aims to deliver products that appear new and distinctive. By creating work that is enduring in both design and construction, the useful life of the products is maximized and this reinforces the sustainability of the product, and the responsible use of timber resources. The brand celebrates solid hardwood timber, for its richness of grain, colour and texture. American Walnut is a favourite hardwood, chosen for its interesting colour and inherent sense of quality. Clients are also able to select other indigenous hardwoods for the construction of their furniture and this can increase their personal connection with the work, and tailor the products to a particular setting. The brand has an unconstrained feel in its aesthetic, with interesting flowing shapes, both in the supporting frames, and in the main seating components. In the most recent addition to the range – a lounge chair – the solid hardwood seat is shaped into a deep shell which then forms both the seat and arms. John G Williams Fine Furniture willingly takes on some quite extreme manufacturing challenges in order to deliver designs that are beautiful and striking.