Channel A B&C Fishermen Program Visual Branding
Fishermen Program Visual Branding is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Digital and Broadcasting Media Design Award Category.
Fishermen Program Visual Branding

Since September in 2017, ‘The Fishermen And The Sea’ now takes first place in viewer ratings among other programs that go on the air at the same time. In order to effectively visualize 'friendly and enjoyable' fishing activities, the designers in Channel A B&C use angled shapes, witty characters, vivid colors as the program's key design elements. Irregular and angled visual motif made its highly characterized design principle. This consistency in program design made this program unique from many other tv shows.

Fishermen Program Visual Branding
Channel A B&C Fishermen
Channel A B&C Program Visual Branding
Channel A B&C design
Channel A B&C design
Channel A B&C

The very core value of Channel A B&C is ‘Branding&Creative’. They work mainly about visual branding, focusing on the creative visualization. Designers in Channel A B&C cover various fields of broadcasting contents including video making, developing Social Network Systems, product packaging, print design, and so on. They make strategic branding design with many experience and business know-how.

Channel A B&C

Channel A B&C make visual branding design for 'Channel A', a broadcasting company in Korea. We do all works related to design in our TV programs. We mainly work for visual branding for various programs, making design formats that can be used. Also we daily work on digital designing including CG graphics and subtitles in Channel A's TV programs. We also make printing designs including posters, outdoor advertisements, brochures for various contents.