Ahmed Alejandro López Martínez Gaceta Audio 23 Magazine
Gaceta Audio 23 Magazine is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
Gaceta Audio 23 Magazine

The Gaceta Audio Magazine is a bi-monthly publication of the National College of Opticians Optometrist of Spain, It is intended for audiologist, hearing aid technicians, ENT's and students in Audiology. 11.000 copies are printed and distributed free of charge to licensed professionals, hearing centers, optical centers, universities, professional schools, etcetera, in a word the entire market of audiology in Spain. The magazine supports its design in the prominent use of images, some medical and other most evocative, it helps to improve the experience of the reader.

Gaceta Audio 23 Magazine
Ahmed Alejandro López Martínez Gaceta Audio 23
Ahmed Alejandro López Martínez Magazine
Ahmed Alejandro López Martínez design
Ahmed Alejandro López Martínez design
Ahmed Alejandro López Martínez

Freelance graphic designer based in Madrid, Spain. I have worked in design studios and presently as an independent freelance for national and international clients, whether SMBs or corporations. My professional abilities include the disciplines related to editorial design, advertising, visual identity and exhibit design. I am interested in the rescue of traditional book arts and in the sustainability of design projects and their impact on the environment.

Optometry. Spanish General Council

The National College of Opticians Optometrists of Spain based in Madrid brings all professional college of Optometry and Audiology of Spain. Its objective is to defend and represent all professionals in the national territory and exercise their representation at an international level.