Chuang Hsiao Cheng Sanbenchianching Residential Apartment
Sanbenchianching Residential Apartment is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Sanbenchianching Residential Apartment

Create a residence with considerations on: life vs. healthy life; job function vs. family leisure time; current regimen lifestyle vs. future retirement life. Evaluate setup of ventilation channels based on existing layout; select materials based on factors such as heat-insulating, energy-saving, etc. from environmental engineering point of view; envision a smooth traffic flow from telecommuter’s point of view.

Sanbenchianching Residential Apartment
Chuang Hsiao Cheng Sanbenchianching
Chuang Hsiao Cheng Residential Apartment
Chuang Hsiao Cheng design
Chuang Hsiao Cheng design

Traditional Chinese Medicine runs in the designer’s family. Since childhood, Chuang Hsiao Cheng has been influenced by what he constantly sees and hears. Hence he comprehends the basis and importance of oriental regimen. Besides healthy diet, it is more about abolishing the excess in every aspect of living, such as walking, sitting, lying, watching, listening, eating and drinking. Cultivation of life needs to start from life itself. Thus appropriate adjustment and maintenance are as important as dedication to work. It is always the designer’s intention to create an ideal space for the clients to enjoy both work events and family life.