Oliver David Krieg Aestus Vase
Aestus Vase is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Aestus Vase

Aestus is the first design project by architecture and wood researcher Oliver David Krieg. Conceived as a series of stratified wooden vases in search for a new synthesis of traditional materials and modern technology, Aestus is both a story of material exploration and of technical prowess. Carved from hundreds of layers of wood by an industrial robot, the vases capture the fluidity of the machine's movements in the depth of the wooden texture. Each of the four vases is an expression of the aesthetics of a modern manufacturing process, as well as a statement for contemporary wood design.

Aestus Vase
Oliver David Krieg Aestus
Oliver David Krieg Vase
Oliver David Krieg design
Oliver David Krieg design
Oliver David Krieg

Oliver David Krieg is an expert in computational design and digital fabrication in architecture. As Director of Technology at LWPAC in Vancouver, Canada, and doctoral candidate at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, his work aims to enable reciprocities between design, technology and materiality in order to reconceptualize how architecture can be designed, fabricated, and constructed. His projects are characterized by an integrative approach engineering, material science, sustainability, building physics, and manufacturing. seeks to celebrate the dynamic relationship between material and machine, and to explore the forces of formation in robotic fabrication. It was founded by German architecture and design researcher Oliver David Krieg in 2018. Building on almost ten years of experience in digital manufacturing of complex wood structures, seeks to express the forces of formation in robotic fabrication, and to explore the dynamics of human, material and machine.