Kotaro Anzai One Year Project Villa
One Year Project Villa is Platinum Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
One Year Project Villa

“One year project” as the name indicates “move with times” which means that it took entire one year to experience the whole process such as tree cutting, sawing, fabrication, and assembling together with nature.The structure design is impressive that steel posts are standing from the local Inawashiro volcanic rocks directly used for isolated footings which protect it from 2m-high snow load in winter. Various angles of posts are just like the trees in this forest which implies that it's a new start to build a new relationship with nature to borrow instead of to take.

One Year Project Villa
Kotaro Anzai One Year Project
Kotaro Anzai Villa
Kotaro Anzai design
Kotaro Anzai design
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We are always impressed and fulfilled by the four beautiful seasons of Mt Adatara. Having grown up here, surrounded by Mt Adatara, we have learned the wisdom of living. This important wisdom, which has been passed through the generations, has both eternal and universal value.We believe that we design with this wisdom, not only here but worldwide. To do so, we firstly examine both the climate and nature of a specific area with care. After that, we propose ideas that locals will love and support.As we look towards the future, we keep challenging our selves. How many ideas we can realize that will be breath-taking and exciting? How many projects can we design worldwide that will benefit our home town of Adarata?We would like to show ‘ the lifestyle’ of each locale through our unique ideas and designs,which emerge when we are thinking and creating while taking in the view of Mt A darata from our office.