Jessika Gouveia Photo Study Live Homework Help
Photo Study Live Homework Help is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Photo Study Live Homework Help

An app that helps you with your assignments. Education apps are a dime a dozen in this busy, wild world of UX design but what makes this app pop is the color palettes, including purple and teal, an alternative option for UI design. But it works, especially when combined with their distinctive illustrations and clean and understood UI design. It’s what one would need with an education app, few distractions and an easy to use interface.

Photo Study  Live Homework Help
Jessika Gouveia Photo Study
Jessika Gouveia Live Homework Help
Jessika Gouveia design
Jessika Gouveia design
Jessika Gouveia

10+ years of design experience, specializing in UX/UI, web, visual, and prototyping. I pride myself on a unique design perspective and a thirst to keep learning new tools, methods, skills, overall ways to get better. Currently my focus is designing On-demand Knowledge centered products, on both app and web platform, improving users productivity and learning with the help of AI.

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Providing On-demand help from vetted experts within seconds while training AI to handle most of your knowledge work queries in the future. Knowledge-as-service (KaaS)web platform to connect (human) experts with professionals seeking the answer to specific tech tool-related problems. In the first instance the target users are professionals wrangling Excel and Google Sheets, with the platform aiming to link them (via their spreadsheet-related problem) to a relevant expert — with the help session taking place via the medium of web-based text chat. But the wider ambition is to be able to use its expertise-ranking algorithms to intelligently assess all sorts of techie knowledge to be able to connect relevant experts with different professional “knowledge based problems”. Relan likens the concept to how Google’s pagerank dynamically orders online data. “A page’s rank can drop or get better depending on other pages who may be pointing to the page and their ranks. We use that idea by enabling any expert in a topic to audit the work of other experts in that topic and using their ranks to influence the score of the audit. The difference is it doesn’t take months to “crawl and re-index”. Expert rank is always working to update based on the last audit,” he says. “We’ve recently received a patent application for this approach. It’s really the first algorithm that combines the link analysis structure of page rank with gig economy measures of performance. If an expert does not work for a long time they may well have to take the onboarding test again in their topic and start with a seedrank.”