Alex Kreger Light Bank Mobile App Interface
Light Bank Mobile App Interface is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Light Bank Mobile App Interface

The challenge that the design team tried to address was to demonstrate that a financial product can be simple to understand, visually appealing and pleasant to use. By creating the concept of Light Bank the designers have aimed to illustrate that a human-centered approach can increase the value of the financial service. In the process of designing the Light Bank, the team gained inspiration from nature and integrated it into the banking solution, providing a design approach that differs from the commonly used in banking design.

Light Bank Mobile App Interface
Alex Kreger Light Bank
Alex Kreger Mobile App Interface
Alex Kreger design
Alex Kreger design
Alex Kreger

My story in digital design started with the banking crisis in 2008. I lost all my savings and investments and quit my job in real estate. I was so impressed with the success of digital startups I decided to make my own and it failed. But as a result, I joined a small web development studio. This way, 12 years ago, I began to actively integrate UX design and design thinking into digital design. We helped 30 startups and completed 70 digital projects for third-party clients. Several of them were related to finance. In one of them, UX approach increased the company’s revenue by 30% per year. It became a tipping point and in 2015, with my co-founder Linda Zaikovska-Daukste, we founded the world’s first UX design agency 100% focused on the financial industry - UXDA. Remembering the painful experience of the economic crisis back in 2008, we made it our mission to humanize the financial industry and help user-centered financial brands to create digital products that would serve people instead of ruining their lives. Today, the UXDA team is the well-known financial UX design agency that makes over 100 products of Tier 1 banks, vendors and Fintechs from 36 countries loved by their customers through the power of Financial UX design.

UX Design Agency

UX Design Agency (UXDA) is the financial UX design agency located in Europe, Latvia. UXDA team executes Design Thinking approach and UX methods to deliver dozens of user-centered interface designs to banking software vendors from Forrester TOP10, as well as for banks and Fintech startups all over the world. UXDA cutting-edge financial design solutions are helping to make financial services more friendly and easy to use for millions of customers all around the world. UXDA team is experienced in designing Fintech, digital banking, payments, trading, lending and bitcoins solutions.