Romulo Temigue Offf Rack
Offf Rack is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Offf Rack

Offf is a rack that looks like a shelf. It is very colorful and very wide open so you can see the objects through the rack. The whole idea of this design is to disconnect the shelves from its walls and bring it down to the floor as a new piece, in this case, a rack for the television and storage the things on the living.

Offf Rack
Romulo Temigue Offf
Romulo Temigue Rack
Romulo Temigue design
Romulo Temigue design
Romulo Temigue

Romulo Temigue explores shapes, colors and meta different visions of furniture and lighting objects. Digital and physical are two different animals, and only a corner away from his creativity to the expansion of “reality” in his projects.


Mezzanine is an internationally awarded studio that works with various areas of creation, from interiors, furniture, lighting, illustrations, logos, among other things. The architects Cintia Miyahira and Rômulo Teixeira, after studying together in college, created Mezzanine in 2016, mixing styles and their craziness, guaranteeing their space in the world. The meaning of the name Mezzanine says much of the importance of opposing ideas inside the studio. The mezzanine of a building is the meeting of one floor with the other, merging two distinct places, or in this case, two people. For each project is created a logo, a name, a reference and a concept. Mezzanine always uses music, nature, city, movies, art and a vibrant color palette in its works. Its whole personality comes through unusual and often weird ideas to bring something new and fun to clients. To be part of Mezzanine is to bring the unexpected that could be amazing!