Hideyuki Hiramoto Kasho Gyoen Hotel Hotel
Kasho Gyoen Hotel Hotel is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Kasho Gyoen Hotel Hotel

This Hotel is located within Shikotsu-Toya National Park in Hokkaido, standing alone in the mountains and guests can appreciate the original Hokkaido landscape. A designer/architect, Hideyuki Hiramoto felt a bit fearful at the power of nature, on his first visit to the site. He wanted to turn this feeling from fear into delight. He had researched some materials and crafts produced around the site, and then he brought these influences together in a modern space design. He tried to make a luxurious space as a hotel by using these rustic local materials and crafts.

Kasho Gyoen Hotel Hotel
Hideyuki Hiramoto Kasho Gyoen Hotel
Hideyuki Hiramoto Hotel
Hideyuki Hiramoto design
Hideyuki Hiramoto design
Hideyuki Hiramoto

We have worked on many commercial projects such as hotels, restaurants and retail spaces, not only in the area of architectural design, but also interiors, products and graphic design areas. So we have no boundaries to our design possibilities. We are responsible for creative direction for various firms from the entry phase of initial branding-construction, so we can provide a comprehensive design solution.

Hiramoto Design Studio

We at HIRAMOTO DESIGN STUDIO don’t impose our designs on you, because we think that the essence of design must be discovered from your own projects. So we take feedback and research from the owner, their business plan, their business strategy, the site, company history and current trends, and then we can certainly provide the one and only answer to your project needs. We adapt this solution and build a concept which is valuable to society, so we can build A Sustainable Strong Design because we start from the phase of creative-direction. We believe in the power of design.