Anirudha Surabhi Quin Design Smart Motorcycle Helmet
Quin Design Smart Motorcycle Helmet is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award Category.
Quin Design Smart Motorcycle Helmet

The Quin Design Helmet is a modern update to the classic motorcycle helmet, aiming to be smart about safety. It features patented technology with first-of-its kind Crash Detection and Alerts, SOS Beacon and Response System, and integrated Bluetooth connectivity. The integration of technology into a classic exterior was designed to be seamless. The helmet features a classic exterior with a cleverly tech-packed interior. The smart helmet is designed to look after a rider’s safety on-the-move, during a crash, and post-crash, providing the rider with holistic protection from injury and fatality

Quin Design Smart Motorcycle Helmet
Anirudha Surabhi Quin Design
Anirudha Surabhi Smart Motorcycle Helmet
Anirudha Surabhi design
Anirudha Surabhi design
Anirudha Surabhi

Anirudha believes that inspiration is in everything: Every life experience, every memory, every one of your strengths or weaknesses is source of inspiration waiting to be tapped. His inspiration has guided him to design across disciplines and fields, but to focus always on improving human life and safety.

Quintessential Design

Quintessential Design (Quin) is a creative enterprise committed to improving human life by solving real world problems. Quin is focussed on developing life-saving technology that helps reduce injuries and fatalities in helmet-wearing transport and sports. The company introduced the first world's motorcycle helmet with integrated SOS Beacon and Crash Detection, and looks forward to many other firsts in other helmet verticals.