Joseph Cory Eco 360 Residential House
Eco 360 Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Eco 360 Residential House

The Eco360 is a single-family home that is an Energy Positive example of green design. The house reveals the ideas of sustainability with more than fifty green design features. The entire shape of the house was as a result of ecological analysis and form optimization in order to achieve a passive design that will waste as much energy as possible while producing with PV panels much more energy than needed. The use of advanced design tools and Building Information Modeling methodology ensured the success of the final results and performance following the design aims.

Eco 360  Residential House
Joseph Cory Eco 360
Joseph Cory Residential House
Joseph Cory design
Joseph Cory design

Established by Architect Joseph Cory, Geotectura is known for being creative and innovative while integrating sustainable design principles within each project. Vision of the office - Designing a better world with eco-aware clients and partners. Joseph Cory's sustainable projects received worldwide recognition in publications, exhibitions and awards.