Ekaterina Ezhova Fusion Foulard
Fusion Foulard is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Award Category.
Fusion Foulard

The silk female foulard inspired by the animal Kingdom, exotic nature and colors. The fashion accessory with the gentle affinity of animals drowning in flowers made in four color palettes. The four colors like the four seasons or the four sides of the world, a journey through time and space. If you connect the two corners of the foulard, you find yourself in the exotic world of African animals and hot emotions. Your head is spinning from the smell of flowers and the bright rays of the sun. The accessory tied around the neck will create an accent on the face and bring the look to perfection.

Fusion Foulard
Ekaterina Ezhova Fusion
Ekaterina Ezhova Foulard
Ekaterina Ezhova design
Ekaterina Ezhova design
Ekaterina Ezhova

My name is Đ•katerina EZHOVA, I am Russian artist and graphic designer. I was born in Germany and live and work in Italy. I have 22 years of work experience in various design areas. I create silk scarves design, tights and underwear packaging design, logo and identity design, pattern design, brochures and interior design, web design. I grew up and received my degree in Moscow, which culture combines European tradition and Asian thought. My philosophy, the manner in which I put forms and different themes together represent the eastern spirit and commits to fuse charm, craftsmanship and quality.

Katja Siegmar

Katja Siegmar is Italian brand of exclusive ladies fashion accessories, made with impeccable quality and excellent fabrics. Each foulard is a new image of the traditional accessory, with its unique value, a mixture of different traditions and subjects. Tying a scarf, we tie together many cultures, a point where the West meets the East.