Minsuk Kim Sucle Spray Package
Sucle Spray Package is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Sucle Spray Package

The Sucle is a spray package for young graffiti artists. Designating the symbol of artistic activity of the young graffiti artist as resistance, and focusing on positive resistance message. Sucle uses 6 graphic materials with messages of defiance to express the resistance of the art sector of graffiti.

Sucle Spray Package
Minsuk Kim Sucle
Minsuk Kim Spray Package
Minsuk Kim design
Minsuk Kim design
Minsuk Kim

Minsuk Kim enjoys the material and visual substitution of conceptual values ​​and solves conceptual problems through visual interpretation. He is in the process of solving design with various technologies ranging from hand-made work to computer graphics, studying various printing methods, experimenting and challenging. He aim to find various visual solutions through the technologies he have acquired so far and the technologies to be acquired.


MinsukKim focus on messages that are carried by a wide range of materials. To show what's invisible, to look at what's so fascinating, to see what's not being shown, to see what kind of visual visualization is about when deep thoughts are revealed out of the world.