Atsushi Kobayashi Orizuru Room Interactive Lighting
Orizuru Room Interactive Lighting is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Orizuru Room Interactive Lighting

"Orizuru Room" is an audio reactive installation featured traditional Japanese origami. We collaborated with a grand master of origami from Manazuru which is a town located at 100 km away to the west from Tokyo, Japan. We played audio visual live show for 3 minutes. It was also reacting according to the audience's movement automatically. If someone comes close to the crane, the color was changing and music was played. We realized this installation using LED controller, stripes and infrared sensor.

Orizuru Room Interactive Lighting
Atsushi Kobayashi Orizuru Room
Atsushi Kobayashi Interactive Lighting
Atsushi Kobayashi design
Atsushi Kobayashi design
Manazuru Jack Installation, Orizuru Room

Manazuru Jack Installation is an annual installation festival of Manazuru which is the town located at 100 km away to the west from Tokyo, Japan. Orizuru Room is a private project. A creative director, a technical director and a photographer made this installation. They are working on interactive projects in Japan