Genesys Spine Ais C Stand Alone System
Ais C Stand Alone System is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
Ais C Stand Alone System

The AIS-C Stand-Alone System is a first of its kind, non-screw based, zero-profile, direct-anterior stand-alone interbody system for the cervical spine designed to provide the greatest ease of use to the surgeon at every step of the procedure. The direct anterior approach allows for a smaller, mid-line incision. Quick, simple, non-impacting anchor insertion does not require any additional instrumentation, and the zero-step locking mechanism provides visual confirmation of engagement, but allows for anchor removal when desired.

Ais C Stand Alone System
Genesys Spine Ais C
Genesys Spine Stand Alone System
Genesys Spine design
Genesys Spine design
Genesys Spine

Genesys Spine is a growing medical device company based in Austin, TX. Their products, including proprietary features and system-specific instruments, have garnered positive feedback from the marketplace and support their mission of providing surgeons a product that excels in the competitive and crowded landscape while reducing surgical time and effort. For more information, please visit