Tsai Lishin Library
Lishin Library is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Lishin Library

It's really difficult to change the reading space in Taiwan's school. So, the designers tried to propose a separated space concept for school. First, to make sure the entry space ( collaborative classroom corridor) become a charming reading area welcoming students, so the designers use the wood framed shelves to create a book wall and pebble. Second, to connect the three classrooms with different functions. Third, to open the original teacher office into a reading corner. The designers created a library very different from the others in Taiwan, and gave the school better images.

Lishin Library
Tsai Lishin
Tsai Library
Tsai design
Tsai design

Mr. Tsai is an architect in Taiwan, all the school and job learnings are in Taiwan. He has been trying to improve the study space in Taiwan's schools. During 2016~2018, he completed 10 school's libraries. It's a small but important movement in Taiwan.

Lishin elementary school

Lishin elementary school is a public school in Taichung,Taiwan, over 1ooo students and 100 teachers and officers. The school was established after 921 chichi earthquake, Taiwan's new campus evolution was going on, so many co-space classroom were carried on! But, it's good for euro or USA, but not Taiwan. So the classrooms transformed into public space in the campus.