Ege Seramik Design Team Arya Dynamic A Wall Tile
Arya Dynamic A Wall Tile is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Arya Dynamic A Wall Tile

A dynamic beginning in the bathroom is more efficient way to start a brand-new day. Recent trend colours and geometric pattern trends combined with the natural beauty of marble and black stone to create a dynamic product of all times. Thus it functions as a decorative element that transforms and modernizes the classical elegance of areas where Arya series or black natural stone-looking shades are used. Arya Dynamic had a perfect balance and harmony with both marble and black stone at the end. The product meets the needs of both professionals and customers.

Arya Dynamic A Wall Tile
Ege Seramik Design Team Arya Dynamic
Ege Seramik Design Team A Wall Tile
Ege Seramik Design Team design
Ege Seramik Design Team design
Ege Seramİk

Ege Seramik was founded in Izmir 1972 by Ibrahim Polat, started production in 1975. It’s one of the biggest tile company in Turkey. Ege Seramik produces wall tiles, floor tiles and glazed porcelain and it has approximately 24 million 300 thousand m²/year production capacity in the production plants in an area of 416.752 m2 in Kemalpaşa, Izmir.Shares of the company open to public have been dealt in Stock Market İstanbul since 1992. Ege Seramik, which bears a number of the first in the sector, contributed to development of the sector by introducing digital printing technology to Turkish Ceramic Sector with the mark "Digital Tile by Ege Seramik" in 2009. Ege Seramik is maintaining the goal of producing products as real as the real ones which it connects them with this important technology with the slogan "Perfect Nature, Perfect Beauty". Opening ceremony of production plants, which are the first environment-friendly in Turkey and which reduce natural gas consumption, was held in 2015. Ege Seramik determines product groups which are appropriate to the expectations and needs of the developing market and continuous its investments in this are consistently. Ege Seramik put the first eco-ceramic baking oven of Turkey, unmanned forklift robots, automatic packaging machines, palette stacking machines, post-shaping granule painting facilities, palette netting and hooping lines into use. Ege Seramik has a strong distribution channel with more than 150 dealers in Turkish Market and more than 2000 sub-dealers. At the same time, with the export it has made to more than 50 countries especially U.S.A., Canada and Israel, it is continuing to increase its power in foreign markets day by day.