Sini Majuri Jungle Glass Vase
Jungle Glass Vase is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Jungle Glass Vase

Inspired by nature, the premise of the Jungle glass collection is to create objects that gain their value from the quality, design and material. Simple shapes reflect the serenity of the medium, while being weightless and strong at the same time. Vases are mouth-blown and shaped by hand, signed and numbered. The rhythm of the glass making process ensures that each object in the Jungle Collection has a unique colour play that mimics the movement of waves.

Jungle Glass Vase
Sini Majuri Jungle
Sini Majuri Glass Vase
Sini Majuri design
Sini Majuri design
Sini Majuri

Glass artist Sini Majuri works in Helsinki, Finland. Her works have been exhibited in the USA, Japan, China, Europe and Canada. She has also been awarded for her work at Beijing Fashion Week in China. She combines 3D-design with old glass blowing techniques. Many of her works are surrealistic stories captured inside blown glass.

Sini Majuri

Sini Majuri is a glass artist from Finland. She combines 3D-design with old glass blowing techniques. Sini Majuri Glass Design creates interior design objects, custom made light sculptures for modern interiors, mountainous glass landscapes and contemporary narratives on glass. In 2018 glass vase collection Jungle was launched by DutZ Collection and exhibited in design fairs around Europe and in Hong Kong. The reason why Majuri is working with glass is because it’s a rare and magical medium. It reflects the world around it, bends light and has interesting optic properties. Hot glass is alive until it is frozen into it’s final shape. In a way it is like a wild animal that you need to tame. The sense of magic that it has makes it a perfect medium for creating design with a soul.