Inan Gökçek Hattusa Turkish Restaurant and Bar
Hattusa Turkish Restaurant and Bar is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Hattusa Turkish Restaurant and Bar

Walking into Hattusa is stepping out of England, and entering Anatolia through the hand crafted objects and the hand carved walls.The ceiling piece and the cross seat are positioned in the centre so the customers enjoy the full view of the rich historical war & peace scenes on the surrounding walls.Utilising the craft of ‘carving’ in natural clay has created a warm and sophisticated interior.The earthy surrounding is beautifully complemented by Hittite pattern laser cut panels and a collection of objects which were sourced from Anatolia, where Hittites lived.

Hattusa Turkish Restaurant and Bar
Inan Gökçek Hattusa
Inan Gökçek Turkish Restaurant and Bar
Inan Gökçek design
Inan Gökçek design
Studio Anares

Studio Anares is an architecture, interiors and product design practice established in London by Inan Gokcek. The studio focuses on creating intricately crafted, lively and usable spaces that goes beyond the initial brief. A collaborative hands-on approach with the client, builder, suppliers and other consultants guides an iterative design process from concept to through to construction.